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Coastal Stone Company - Manufactured Stone Products

50 Year Warranty

50 Year WarrantyOur warranty is for 50 years from the date of purchase.  The manufacturer will only warranty products that are installed on structures that conform to local building codes and are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.  Only products manufactured by Coastal Stone Company and which are determined to be defective will be covered under this warranty.  This warranty does not cover damages resulting from the following.

  • Improper Installation
  • Structure Settlement
  • Wall Movement
  • Surface Discoloration due to air pollution or airborne contaminants
  • Contact with harmful chemicals
  • Misuse or Abuse
  • Acts of God
  • Staining or Oxidation
  • Paint
  • Normal Weathering of the Surface
  • Efflorescence

Or any other causes that are out of the control of Coastal Stone Company.  This warranty covers only manufacturing defects manufactured Coastal Stone Company. Warranty coverage is limited to replacement of defective materials only.

Coastal Stone Company is not responsible for labor cost incurred during the removal and replacement of defective products.  The products manufactured by Coastal Stone Company, are not recommended for use in walkways, driveways, or any other ground surface and will not be covered by the warranty when used in these applications. Manufacturer’s warranty is limited to the original purchaser and may not be transferred.

Coastal Stone Company reserves the right to make changes and/or discontinue any of its products without notice.  If the product covered by warranty is no longer available a comparable product will be substituted the manufacturer’s sole discretion.

Note: It is important to recognize that Coastal Stone Company’s stone veneer products are an adhered veneer or façade which are attached directly to a cementitious substrate for purposes of providing ornamentation and a first layer of weatherization protection. Adhered Concrete Masonry Veneers are not intended as a structural product or a waterproofing element. Most importantly, the real subject matter expert is your local building department and the local building code. Your local building code will supersede all other written or verbal installation guides provided by Coastal Stone Company or the NCMA.

Please notify Coastal Stone Company if you feel the manufactured stone has a manufacturing defect.

If the product is determined to be defective, Coastal Stone Company, will replace the defective manufactured stone.  This warranty will apply to the manufactured stone products only and not the installation based on the fact that Coastal Stone Company has no control of the installation.

Product Testing and Certifications

Coastal Stone Company’s products have been certified by the NCMA MSV Product Certification Program and comply with ASTM C1670/C1670M.

Standard Mix – Stackstone Product Line
MSV-21004-01: Expiration 9/22/2022 – Download Certificate

Standard Mix – Ledgestone Product Line
MSV-21004-02: Expiration 9/22/2022 – Download Certificate

Standard Mix – Limestone Product Line
MSV-21004-03: Expiration 9/22/2022 – Download Certificate

Standard Mix – Barnwood Product Line
MSV-21004-04: Expiration 9/22/2022 – Download Certificate

Standard Mix – Refined Wood Product Line
MSV-21004-05: Expiration 9/22/2022 – Download Certificate

Standard Mix – Field Stone Product Line
MSV-21004-06: Expiration 9/22/2022 – Download Certificate

Supporting test data is available upon request.

Coastal Stone Company - Installation GuideInstallation Guide

Manufactured stone veneer is an aesthetically pleasing veneer system that continues to gain popularity. Ensuring proper performance in service depends on proper detailing and construction.

This guide focuses on the installation of Adhered Manufactured Stone Veneer (AMSV) systems onto a variety of structural backup systems.

It also provides discussion on proper materials and construction best practices, as well as building code requirements.

Many specific construction details are also provided, covering a broad array of situations encountered during construction.

Make sure your next MSV project is done correctly by following the recommendations in this guide.

Download Installation Guide – Click here!